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Dusting Off The 'ol Internet

I have to admit that I had almost forgotten what this website looked like there for a bit. As usual, life got in the way of, well, everything fun and relaxing. I had been out of a day job while rebounding from my hip surgery but recently returned to work. My new schedule has kept me busy and beat, but at least I'm providing for my family a little better than I was before.

I am attacking National Novel Writing Month once again. In other words, just as I was getting used to my new schedule and finding time to relax I have started something that will zap the creative juices from my head and basically cause me to crawl into the fetal position nightly and weep myself to sleep. Which, as any NaNo writer can tell you, is par for the course.

So here's to hoping that I'll be able to find just a little more time to update the blog here (or perchance - the typecast page!) on a more normal basis. I have a lot to say but my brain sometimes has a problem with the putting the words into sentences thing.

Ah well...back to my manuscript!

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