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Revelation On A Couch

One would think that since I’ve been laid up here at the house for more than six weeks, relegated to the couch for the most part, my fiction output would be at an all time high. I would be able to blog and play with my typewriters and read books I’ve been meaning to get to and, well you get the picture. Alas, none of this is happening. And I put all the blame on my kids.

Of course I’m kidding. I’m not mad that I haven’t gotten more done. Granted it would be nice to get some editing done or rework on my novel in progress but the time I’m getting with the kids is something I’ll never be able to replace or recreate. Strangely I have rheumatoid arthritis and bad hips to thank for bonding with my kids.

I was raised to believe that taking care of your family no matter the sacrifice was basically the most important thing a man can do. Because of this I have missed a lot little events in my kids lives, most notably in my son’s. Little things which, now that I have the ugly truth staring me in the face, have added up to one big revelation: what’s really important is being there for your family. Paying the bills is obviously important but building a bond and understanding what makes your children tick is an investment well worth the time.

Check back for a second post on this topic. I’ll write it as soon as the kids are asleep!

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