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Freelancerr On Fiverr - UPDATE!

I’ve been using Fiverr for something like two weeks now and I’ve come to a few conclusions about it. Before I get into that let me preface this by saying that, as a writer, there is no way one can making a living copywriting via this site alone. Granted, I doubt anyone would try nor is it advertised as a way to provide for your family. Nonetheless I felt it needed to be said.

First of all, and this is just the most perplexing thing I came across, there is actually a limit as to what you can charge people. This ceiling seems to differ depending on the type of service but for writing it topped out at $20. I had to get creative and find ways to charge piecemeal for what I would otherwise charge as one flat rate. If I were to secure these sorts of jobs via my actual business I would be making more, but there is a “make it up in volume” sort of mentality to the entire process.

Secondly, I really feel…well, cheap. It’s the prefect word actually. I feel as though people don’t understand what writing is, what it entails. They don’t understand that for something to sound completely smooth the writer most likely had to struggle and rewrite several times to make it sound natural. This process would (and does - I know!) cost much more than $5 (or even the $20 I can charge in certain cases). A lot of the time it feels like people are tossing a $5 bill on the nightstand and hinting to me that the bus is going to be there any minute.

Third, the topics of these jobs are just plain strange and I have no real control over how my words are used. I honestly didn’t read all the fine print when I signed up (but I intend to in the next few days) but I do not think I have full rights to what the folks paid me for. Because of this they can take something they said was for one thing and use it for another. I don’t know if this actually happens but I can totally see it happening. And I’m pretty sure I wrote a guy’s research paper about organic farming. Yeah…

Lastly, I kinda like it. Contrary to everything I’ve already written here and what my better judgement is telling me, I like Fiverr. I am not compensated as well as if I were to set these up via my business but then again I wouldn’t even HAVE these jobs if I relied on my business alone. I like that I never know what to expect when I open up an email and see that I have a new gig waiting. I have definitely widened the scope of my writing and know it will only spread wider the longer I stay.

For now I have no intention of pulling my services from the site. Perhaps when I go back to my day job things may change but for now it’s a fun way to make some extra pocket money. I’m still trying to find a way to spin these contacts I’ve made on the site into more lucrative clients but I’m in no hurry. For now I’m on Fiverr and on Fiverr I shall stay.

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