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A Quick Update

First of all, I'm not dead.

Now that we've got that out of the way let me also assure you that I have not forgotten about this site, blog or life in general. If one were to judge solely on the dates of the last few posts here (and on my typecast page as well) they would be hard pressed to prove my existence.

But such is life.

First of all I have been quite busy tending to several clients. I've been focusing on ghostwriting over the past few months and have had the pleasure of working with some genuinely great clients. I was even able to write some fiction for one of them, which is always a treat!

I have given the first half (or so) of Still Wife to a beta reader yesterday. I am really unsure of how much of the story is there but the manuscript I gave her was around 55,000 words and upwards of 160 pages, so I'll assume I'm halfway done. The story is taking me places I didn't outline and the characters are going places I didn't expect them to. In other words it working a lot like my first novel, Found and Lost, which is a great thing! 

I plan on outlining a series of blog posts in the new future so I can update more often and get myself back on the writing every day track. With November coming fast - and with it National Novel Writing Month - I need to get back in the habit. A great sign showed itself yesterday when I had to pull to the side of the road while driving to write down some story ideas. Gotta love when inspiration strikes when you're doing 60 MPH!

I also hope to be starting a new day job in the near future. I'm not sure how that will effect my daily writing routine but I'm sure I'll find a way, as I do now, to find time to write my personal things, for clients and still have some time left to update this blog...and work on my typewriters...and play with the kids...

Someone once said that life is at its most interesting when you're busy. Well, "interesting" is a word....

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