Bob Skrezyna

Writer | Editor


Life is changing fast.

I honestly didn’t expect my life to still in some sort of flux at 37, but here we are. Aren’t things supposed to be figured out by now? Aren’t even the most basic of issues supposed to be more or less figured out at this point? Shouldn’t I have some kind of direction?

It seems the answer is a resounding no.

Maybe that’s how it should be. The most interesting people over the age of 40 that I know are still not exactly sure what they want from life. They have the basics covered, of course, but the big picture stuff isn’t in as sharp focus. They seem happy, content and full of life. And I couldn’t be more jealous.

Perhaps I simply haven’t given myself enough time. This feeling of uncertainty is still pretty new, a few months really. I was under the impression my life was going just fine but forgot one important piece of the puzzle: I’m not the only one who impacts my life.

Interesting thought.

More to come.

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