Bob Skrezyna

Writer / Editor

I'm a novelist, short story writer, editor, ghostwriter, typewriter collector and dad who can be reached by email at But that's not all.

Read on to learn my full story!

I discovered my love for writing at a young age.  In fact my earliest attempts at writing were in kindergarten.  These early stories and poems were primitive and, as I recall, mostly relegated to the topics of my teachers and family.  Regardless of the quality of work the seed was planted.  As the years passed luckily my work became more diverse.

As a student in grammar, middle and high school I would write the requisite papers and essays. More so however, I would ignore my instructors during class and instead use the time to define my
style.  Primarily I wrote short stories during this time and would commit them to paper at the rate of one or two every other day.  It was a pace that I often look back on in later years (read: now) with great nostalgia.

In college I took this love for writing to a new level.  I made the choice to double major in Early Childhood Studies and Creative Writing.  Between classes I began offering editing assistance to  fellow students. 
I started my first copywriting company, Creative Consultants, and soon thereafter hired two other writers to help cover the surprising growth of the upstart.

My first daughter was born in 2005, forcing my school plans to be put on hold.  I still continued to write in my spare time and consulted on copywriting jobs when they were presented.

2006 saw my first appearance in National Novel Writing Month.  I did not achieve the goal of finishing my novel that year, or for the following two years. However, 2009 presented me with three fantastic firsts: 1. a beautiful wife, 2. a handsome son, and 3. a NaNoWriMo win.  I won NaNoWriMo for a second time in 2010 and continue to take part every November.

Somewhere in the years between 1979 and today, I have sold paint, electronics, office supplies, music boxes, loaded trucks, and owned two different DJ/karaoke companies.  Today I can be found tending to my collection of vintage typewriters or rediscovering long lost treasures of music and books at second-hand shops around Illinois.

I have self-published two books of poetry, Conflicting Contradictions
 and Coming Apart At The Dreams, and a children's book dedicated to kids from a divorced or separated family, Daddy Doesn't Live Here, all under the Jellybean Press imprint.

Currently I live in a 116
 year-old home in Aurora, Illinois with my four children and three cats (Lord Stanley, Hemingway and James Tiberius Kirk), all of whom simply refuse to do their share of the housework.

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