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Why To Use A Realtor

The real estate market can be a daunting proposition. Often simply finding a house that you would like to make a home can prove to be almost too much to handle alone.

There are many reasons one would seek out an agent instead of going it alone, whether buying or selling. First, and most importantly, Realtors are professionals who know precisely what it takes to get your dream home from your mind to a physical structure directly in front of you. In order to become a licensed Realtor one must pass several tests covering topics as wide as local and municipal codes to financial issues. In short, Realtors are trained to get the homebuyer precisely what they are looking for.

Secondly, regardless of buying or selling a property a realtor can be trusted to secure the best possible price. They have access to financials of previously purchased homes in a particular area. This information could, and usually does, lead to a better deal for all involved. In addition to this a Realtor can point out aspects of a property that can increase or decrease the value. Agents tend to have many years of experience and they want very much to help you get into a home to call your own.

Third, but certainly not last or least, a Realtor keeps abreast of current market trends. These trends vary from financial to what is popular in decoration to what colors will sell your property fastest. Their livelihoods are directly linked to these topics and more. Not many independent homeowners would have the time to do things like this, regardless of good intent, given the intricacies of home buying and selling.

Realtors exist to smooth out the confusion that comes along with homeownership. They are a trustworthy resource with the experience to guide homeowners and homebuyers alike to their next step in life. Whether buying a starter home, selling a condo or buying a dream forever home, Realtors have the experience and knowhow to help and the passion to do the best job possible.

Tech Job Listing For Craigslist

Are you an optimizer? If so - YOU’RE FOR US!

A high-energy company is looking for a knowledgeable and precisely skilled individual to assist us in app store optimization. We we will be dealing with both iOS and Android, so a full base knowledge of both operating systems is a requirement. We are fast growing group and simply do not have the time to train while on the job. If this fast paced and exciting environment sounds like it’s for you, read on.

If hired your sole job will be app store optimization. We understand the importance of ASO and what it means not only to us but to our clients as well. All of us can live or die by ASO and we treat that fact with the seriousness it deserves. Therefore your full understanding and ability to deliver positive results will be the biggest metric when grading your success - and ours.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency on the lookout for someone with ASO experience to work part time, remotely, from their home. Agency is preferred but not necessarily required. You will need to have a reliable computer with high speed internet access. Any required software will be licensed to you via our company. We ask that you provide us with 3-5 examples of apps that you have personally worked on and any underlying strategy that you think would apply - at least one app per platform.

We plan to begin marketing out ASO services next month and are looking to hire swiftly. If you are skilled at strategy and implementation of ASO (we can provide the writers) please respond with your availability and salary request (are are a fair rate paying company).

If this is you - apply today!



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