I have been writing for as long as I can remember and professionally since 1997. Always a lover and teller of stories, I remain passionate about the written word as much today as when I started.



My favorite way to write! The constraints of the short story format leaves so much to be done in such a small space that only the most honest and real writing can flow.


I'm currently working on my third novel and still find the amount of information and story I can include in them to be very freeing! It also allows for characters to do more, love more and become more real than I ever imagined while writing short stories or poetry.


Luckily the years have been good to my personal poetry efforts. No longer writing silly rhyming couplets about teenage angst, I have found an unexpected outlet in my poetry.

Examples of my work will be featured here shortly. In the meantime feel free to check my blog for snippets of works in progress or flash fiction, Fire Between The Words for a more personal exploration of life, or my current work in progress, Still Wife.

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