Copy writing and editing for any application at reasonable prices. Word Rebel Ink: You've Made The Write Choice.


Name the topic and length and I will deliver copy that will make you shine! Be it a website, flier, press release or anything else, you can count on me to provide the utmost in professional prose.


Editing can be tricky and, quite frankly, a headache. Why not invest the funds you would spend on aspirin and psychiatric bills on a seasoned professional editor? I have worked with writers of all types and genres, fiction and non. So what is the difference between copy and line editing? Simply put a line editor focuses on the language and content of a manuscript, assuring a consistent theme and tone. A copy editor focuses on the minutia of the work - spelling errors, punctuation use, continuity and the like. You can rest assured that no matter the reason you've chosen Word Rebel Ink you will receive the best possible guidance on your work for the most reasonable of rates.


A single father, music aficionado, avid reader, recovered addict (more than a decade clean for drugs and alcohol) - I've lived a very full and interesting life. I would love to share some of my experiences with you and your readers!


Do you know what you want to say but not sure how to say it? Allow me to help! Once again, no topic or event is too small or obscure for Word Rebel Ink!



For a sampling of my work please click over to my digital portfolio or contact me for further information!

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