Welcome and Hold On Tight!

Divorce is a bitch. 

I never realized just how much of one before mine started. The kids, the money, the stress, the house, the work, the having to hold it all together - it's by far the most intense, scary and character building experience I've ever had to face. But that's why I'm here. 

Obviously I'm a writer..that's what this entire site is. However I'm also a guy who feels feelings and gets insecure and sometimes needs a few minutes to just freak out before regaining control over his mind. Fire Between The Words wasn't supposed to be about divorce, but that's what life has dictated. FBTW will be raw and real and probably not the most coherent prose I've ever produced.

But I'm a writer and a writer must...well, write. 

Before we go on, a quick note on the name. JD Salinger once said that no writing can be considered real or important unless there is something more than letters strung together. If there's no life there is no reader. He said there must be more to the writing - there must be 'fire between the words'. And if ever there was a topic begging for a spark to become a flame, it is heartache!


So read on and attend a journey I never meant to begin but one I have no choice but to finish. 

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